A fabulous trip with two outstanding photographers as mentors.  Great introduction to Japan and its unique culture.

-Chester, OR

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Nobechi Creative offers tours of Japan featuring locations “curated” by an accomplished photographer, born of a Japanese mother and Canadian father, with a unique insight into both eastern and western cultures.  The tours tend to avoid heavily visited sites, favoring less visited yet culturally significant or breathtakingly beautiful locations. I found my first tour so photographically and culturally satisfying, that I have returned each of the last two years for another.

- George, Texas

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Traveling to exotic destinations today is a very popular and attractive idea for many photographers. Therein lies a big problem. Going to a well known country or location with most “photo tours” today means being met at each location by hundreds of others seeking the same photo opportunities in the same well known worn out locations! This not only makes finding your own great images near impossible but deters exploring a destination in your own artistic voice. Yet that seems to be “par for the course” with most photo-tours today. Imagine a privately curated tour that takes you to interesting destinations far away from all the crowds to places most people never see and does so in the company of some world-class photographers themselves! Details like hotels, food and transportation are not just “handled” but curated in a way that could only be done by someone that grew up in Japan and understands the culture and the people. Experience food from leading Japanese restaurants to local Ramen shops, travel on in country airlines, Bullet trains and private coach and stay in modern hotels as well as 500yr old traditional Inns. That is the kind of experience I sought and I found with NobechiCreative! A truly unique way to experience Japan and all that it has to offer. I’m signed up to return. Won’t you join me? 

-Jeff, Massachusetts

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Unique and authentic cultural experiences.  Flexible opportunities to shoot on your own or with the group (I like lots of freedom to explore). Fun leaders who are extremely knowledgeable and share their knowledge – they seem to focus on unique experiences, culturally significant locations, and new places that are not heavily touristed.  Fantastic accommodations and food experiences. 

-Lisa, California

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Describing a trip with Nobechi Creative really challenges your inventory of superlatives.  When a trip is this comprehensive, so thoughtfully planned and scheduled, and delivers such robust opportunities to experience Japan so thoroughly, you have to stand in awe of the creators.

-Pat and Susan, Texas

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My recent trip to Japan was an unforgettable experience.  I’ve been traveling to Japan for quite some time and I learned more on this trip than any prior visit to Japan.  George obviously loves Japan and it shows in his attention to detail, his helpful explanation of the cultural nuances of a county steeped in history and tradition and his picks of places to visit.  I would highly recommend Nobechi Creative for any person traveling to Japan who wants to see the country in a new a refreshing way.  Whether you are a first-time visitor, or a returning visitor, George will make sure you see a side of Japan you would otherwise not see.

-Larry, Texas

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Nobechi Creative curates experiences to the nth degree, I visited places in Japan that I’d never discover on my own. George shares his love of Japan, making connections to places, people and the culture that made my trip better than I could imagine. The hotels, the flow of the days, the variety of transportation all fold together in a way that is sensitive, delicious to experience and big fun.

-Marcy, Oregon

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